Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to order two (2) Screen Door Savers; one for each side of my screen?

  • No, a Screen Door Saver consists of two magnets, sold as a matched pair.  Think of how you buy shoes.

2. Do my screens have to be metal for your magnets to work?

  • No, our magnets attract each other and firmly sandwich your screen between them. They work equally well on aluminum or fiberglass screens.

3. How do you ship your Screen Door Savers?

  • U.S. Postal Mail seems to provide the best value... $3.95 to send one or two items.

4. Will you ship "overnight" so I don't miss my friend's birthday?

  • Yes... there is an opportunity at the end of the checkout process to select overnight shipping for an additional charge.

5. Will my magnets work with my roll up screens?

  • Yes.... They will work perfectly while your screen is down.  We do not recommend rolling your screen up with the magnets still in place.  Even though the magnetic material is flexible, our magnets are designed to work best when they remain relatively flat.

6. Will my magnets snap onto my stainless steel appliances?

  • Maybe... Some stainless alloys have magnetic properties, others do not.  If other magnets snap onto the surface of your appliance, so will ours.